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Solar Sun Screens

- Block out 70%, 80%, or 90% of the sun's damaging UV rays
- Reduce temperature in rooms by as much as 20 degrees
- Savings of 25%-30% on summer cooling bills is typical
- Provide privacy from outside, similar visibility from inside
- Cut glare for added comfort
- Protect furniture, carpets and artwork from fading and UV ray damage
- Allows ventilation and acts as an insect screen too
- Screens can easily be removed in the winter months
- Fits almost any window size or shape including arched windows

Custom grid work is available to match those already existing on your windows

We also make new screens and repair existing screens

Screen Doors

Sliding screen doors have became extremely popular in many modern homes. Not only does it add a unique design to the house, it also prevents insects from getting into your home. On a nice cool day, you want to ventilate the house by opening windows in front and back of the house. This will keep your home cool without turning on a fan or air conditioner. Why waste money on electricity bill when you can let in the cool breeze?

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